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  • Brand: Abbott
  • Package: 30 x 50mg Packs + Free Pump
  • Availability: In Stock
Price: $185.00
4.9   (4.9/5)
37 reviews
Pack: 30 x 50 mg Packs (1500mg)
Usage: Topical
Produced By: Solvay Pharm S.A.S France
Brand name: AndroGel 
Generic Name: Testosterone Gel, AndroGel 1.62%
Active ingredient: Testosterone
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One of the most common testosterone gel available in market today is Androgel.  Androgel is made by Solvay Pharm France and comes in androgel 1 and androgel 1.62 gel. Androgel reviews have proved it best of any other testosterone gel available in market. Androgel can be used on regular basis to get back T levels and sustain them on a consistent level.

Many people ask what is androgel for? Here are some androgel prescribing information as you can use androgel to enhance sexual force and energy in body. In addition to this androgel helps to increase bone potency and gives you more feel and force during sex activities.

To make androgel working easy, this testosterone gel is also available in pump. With androgel pump you can easily use your required androgel dosage and then keep it safely without any loss. Androgel 1 pump was the first introduction in market of its nature and now androgel pump for androgel 1.62 is also available. You can easily buy androgel pump online and make use of your testosterone gel with utmost perfection.

Most of the time users ask where to buy androgel online? Roidsking offer you to buy androgel for sale in real cheap price and include androgel 1.62 reviews from customers to give you best prescription information about androgel. You can easily order androgel and ask us for any addition information about androgel side effects and androgel application. All these andro gel information are available on our site as well as provided by androgel support team so you can buy androgel online without any issue. You can also use androgel coupon to gain special discount on androgel price.

As compared to other online sellers, we offer you special androgel price that is much better and even you can use androgel 1 coupon or androgel 1.62 coupon to gain further androgel cost discount. Before you buy androgel 1.62 online here you must read androgel (testosterone gel) reviews and side effects details given below and assure you this will definitely help you to answer, does androgel work?

Androgel Application: Androgel application is not complex but you must not apply androgel if you have prostate tumor or men breast sarcoma. If you have any of these issues you may run into androgel side effects so better is to consult doctor and take necessary test before androgel application. Apart from this androgel side effects in men can be in cases where people have diabetes or Liver difficulties or kidney problems.

Pregnancy category X: Please keep in mind androgel for women is not recommended. Pregnant women should avoid coming near men with androgel. This can cause androgel side effects in men as well as birth faults in an unborn baby. If a contact does occur, you must wash with soap to avoid androgel side effects.